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“I highly recommend Juniper! I have had the pleasure of being in her magical presence and soaking in her divine feminine essence. She is a woman who works in integrity and is down to earth. Her self expression, and dedication to healing the collective is inspirational. With compassion, kindness, strength, and Magical LOVE! Juniper taps into unconditional love to facilitate a beautiful healing experience for all.” - Caitlyn R., Broomfield, CO


“The whole experience with Juniper was fantastic! It was a magical two days spent getting to know her and two other lovely women while diving into all things Reiki. I felt so welcomed, and learned a lot that I can now put into use everyday.” - Katerina S., Denver, CO


“Juniper Moon taught me Reiki I&II in a very special connective weekend. Since that training my life has been on a major transformation, elevating all aspects of my life and removing anything that no longer serves me. Through Juniper Moon's training, I became more in touch with my own power and connection to the Divine. I am now able to better hear my truth.” - Hannah K., Portland, OR


“I recommend Juniper Moon Healing Arts to everyone that needs healing! Juniper Moon has impacted my life with her magical touch, words & wisdom! I leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & ready for the world! I've had the pleasure of knowing Juniper for four years & being her client has been the best experience for my health! I appreciate how she tends to my needs & wants and knows exactly where my pain/trauma is hiding in my body. Then with her magical hands, she pulls it rite out! So thankful for this healer in my life!” - Kimber D., Denver, CO


“I have been seeing Juniper for over three years now, and wouldn't go to anyone else. As others have said, she is highly intuitive and, combined with my own intuition, we make a dynamite team! I especially enjoy her ability to help me clear any stress, whether physical or emotional, from my body. I leave the table feeling soooo refreshed and loved. I will always be grateful to the Universe for bringing me to Juniper.” - Lydia F., Denver, CO


“I took Reiki 1 and 2 with Juniper and I loved the entire experience! Her rich multicultural background of spiritual teachings and practices paired with her own intuitive healing work made for a very transformative learning experience for me. She’s a very eloquently spoken and empowering teacher who I hope to learn more from in the future!” - Jaime M., Denver, CO


“This woman is pure magic, she elevated my soul, and lifted me up in ways that I never knew I needed. We need more women like this, lifting each other up so they can realize their full potential! Thank you Juniper!” - Lauren H., Journey to Om


“Juniper is truly a gift to this world... she is an incredibly powerful, heartfelt, intuitive, medicine woman - time spent with her is magical.” - Diana Z., Fort Collins, CO


“I am so grateful for the healing touch of Juniper Moon. She sets a safe and conscious container, I felt very well cared for with every move she made. Juniper is well trained but it's her intuition that turns her massages into magic. I had a very deep and healing experience that transformed my entire day into a day for self care. When you are setting up an appointment with her, I suggest really taking the time out for yourself, knowing that you are entering into a sacred healing space and you might not be good for mundane things afterwards!!! Thank you, Juniper, for bringing your magic into this world!” - Erin Sunniva-McHugh, Divine Singing


“Juniper is such an incredible teacher and spirit. Her experience in her practice speaks through her teaching and personal sessions. I'm so glad I took her reiki l and ll classes. And have benefited so greatly from my sessions with her! I would highly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking inner peace and a deepened love and understanding of themselves!” - Sara Jean., Denver, CO


“Juniper has a 6th sense! It's lovely being on her table. She is able to sense what needs your body and soul has for that day and adjust her technique to tune into that frequency. What I find most different with Juniper is she is always very present during her treatments, they are never the same, but catered to you in the moment. Thank you!.” - Marnie W., Denver, CO


"Juniper offered me a huge gift in a time where I was experiencing so much intensity and pain I didn't know what to do. She helped me move through and release emotions that could have sent me into a state of panic. Juniper is undoubtedly very skilled in the healing arts and I highly recommend her for energy clearing of deep wounds. I am infinitely grateful!" - Ashley, Boulder, CO


“My first impression of Juniper was watching the energy change in the room as her fingers danced like she was painting it. I was lucky enough to experience her gift with Reiki, and felt her unfathomable compassion relieve all my stress as it radiated in me. I felt her scoop out the negative energy in my gut that was causing intense cramping. Since then I haven't had that sharp pain at all. Jane is full of a passion for life that encourages others to appreciate all of the wonderful things in the world. Jane is a person that brings healing and peace wherever she goes, and it is a blessing to work with her." - Jeremy Riddell-Kaufman, Denver, CO


"Juniper is an incredibly talented and intuitive healer with MANY tools in her toolbox, and she will not hesitate to use any or all of them to construct exactly the session I need every time I come in... Even if I haven't the faintest clue what I need when I arrive. Every time I see her, I have a unique and wonderful experience skillfully blending reiki, chakra clearing, guided meditation, Access Bars, and sometimes even a bit of massage - whatever she feels is needed in the moment (and her feelings are always accurate!). I always feel healed and refreshed afterwards, no matter how rough my stating state may have been. I recommend everyone see Juniper at least once to experience what she can provide that is so incredibly difficult to define - she is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!" - Amanda, Denver, CO


“Juniper is professional, compassionate, and intuitive. After my first session of Reiki with her, I felt a significant improvement in my energy field. After three sessions, I felt an overwhelmingly positive change in my chakra system, as well as a more grounded outlook on life and myself. She showed a personal interest in helping me and offered me tools I still use in my everyday life. Her serene energy is very welcoming.”

-Marina K., Denver, CO


"Amazing, strong, intuitive healing that will leave you feeling cleansed, renewed, revitalized, and at one with all. Powerful energy work from this powerful lady!!! Highly recommend for anyone who is feeling a bit out of alignment with their lives. Her work reaches deep levels. Thank you, Juniper!!! " - Allison, Boulder, CO

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