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Somatic womb therapy


For Deeply Sensitive Souls Who Love the Earth


Somatic :: Of or relating to the body (vs the mind)

Womb :: portal to/and from creation (where we all enter this realm)


I work with all genders // LGBTQA + BIPOC Ally

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I serve deeply sensitive souls who are here to create lasting planetary change in service to love and in support of humanity.


As a sensitive soul, you may have felt misunderstood and misplaced most of your life. It’s possible that you have encountered people on your path who did not know how to meet you, how to dance with your unique beauty, and how to honor your creative brilliance.


Not being met can be so painful! It’s easy to take on the stories, judgments, and beliefs of others as our own and lose connection with our own precious direct channel to Source.


What’s even more painful than not being met by others is not being met by ourselves.


I mentor deeply sensitive souls who struggle with intimacy to trust and love themselves so they can let their most authentic self out to play.


I lovingly guide you back home to your center, your power, your truth, your essence.


The work we do together shifts how you show up in relationship to yourself and all of life.


You rooting more deeply into yourself shifts the very fabric of existence.


If this intrigues you, let’s have a conversation.

Somatic womb therapy
For liberated expression,
a deepening of love & intimacy,
& unwavering TRUST IN LIFE


1. Detox

Detox & Demolish Limiting Thought Patterns, Outdated Beliefs/Behaviors & Patriarchal Programming


Art by Mark Fredrickson


2. Cultivate

Cultivate a Sacred Relationship with Your Womb/Hara & Life Force Energy


3. Create

Create a Lifestyle That Nurtures & Nourishes You Through Intimacy With Life

Art by Anne Stokes

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Womb Work

Sacred Embodiment

Ancestral Healing

Temple Magick

How It Works

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Step One:

Book A Free Breakthrough Call To See If We're A Good Fit

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Step Two:


High Level

Support To Breakthrough Where You've Been Holding Yourself Back


Step Three:

Unlock Your Authentic Embodied Expression, Self-Love & Capacity for Intimacy

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“Juniper has a gift for holding a safe, non-judgmental container to allow for insight and growth to emerge. She naturally exudes a wisdom and a lightness that has helped me open my own heart and mind into my own inner wisdom.” - Kate

Options for Working Together


Imagine being held in a sacred, intimate container where I offer regular guidance and share channeled messages and prompts to support you to drop deeper into your body and unwind the mind's stories and patterns. I walk with you as a guide, ally, and activator. I both cheer you on and share what you may not want to hear, but will ultimately serve your transformation and growth.

My temple is a sacred space for you to discover and explore yourself. 


High-Level Support for the Sensitive Soul with a Service-Based Mission


3 / 6 / 9 Month Mentorships

𓂀 Receive Deep Support to Re-Attune You To Your Unique Frequency & To The Sacred Rhythms of the Earth

𓂀 Deepen Your Ability to Trust & Love Yourself

𓂀 Expand Your Communication & Intimacy Skills

3 Calls/Month + Voxer Support (1:1 voice/text message app) + Bonuses

10k / 20k / 30k

1 Call/Month + Voxer Support (1:1 voice/text message app) + Bonuses

5k / 12k / 20k

33 Day Healing Intensive

Deep Dive For Those Highly Committed To Accelerated Transformation

3 Calls + Voxer Support (1:1 voice/text message app)


What Are Calls Together Like?

Each call is unique and allows us to deepen in intimacy with one another within the container. Calls meet you in the moment. Sometimes they are more conversational and coaching oriented. Sometimes they are full-on medicine transmissions & temple magik activations. You get to receive from me in my many hats: entrepreneur, artist, bodyworker, energy healer, somatic womb therapist, and more.

What Is Voxer Support?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows us to both talk in real time and share voice messages / texts / media that can be responded to as life allows. It's basically having a loving mentor and guide in your pocket at all times. It's your space to play and let yourself be seen and heard.

You can combine a mentorship container with the sacred pilgrimage of visiting Hawai’i and deepening our work through in person attunement, nature connection, and medicine work.


Private Retreats on Big Island, Hawai’i


Individually Curated Transformative Experiences To Re-Attune You To The Earth’s Rhythm & Your Unique Frequency

𓂀 Sacred Pilgrimage

𓂀 Volcano & Ocean Medicine

𓂀 Activations

Includes Consulting Call (Pre Journey) & Integration Call (Post Journey) + 2 weeks Voxer support (1 week before, 1 week after)

*Does not include flight or lodging*

7k (4 nights / 3 full days) - Add to Mentorship for 5k (Save 2k)

5k (3 nights / 2 full days)

3k (2 nights / 1 full day)

"During my 1:1 with Juniper I was immersed into the feminine flow of creativity, receiving, and healing. I went home feeling SO energized and inspired to level up in my business, my parenting, and ultimately how I show up in my everyday life." - Brit on A Big Island Immersion

Who This Work Is For:


My work is for you if you currently struggle with:

  • Finding a mentor/medicine woman who is able to create a safe, sacred container to hold and support ALL OF YOU

  • Connecting to yourself, your womb, and your body’s wisdom

  • Clearing your ancestral lines & trauma held in the womb/body

  • Trusting yourself

  • Embodying your power & unique genius

  • Being in your head more than your body/heart/womb

  • Feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and burn out

  • Toxic relationships

  • Explosive emotional outbursts or unwillingness to be with certain emotions

  • Being kind and loving to yourself

  • Coming to peace with and alchemizing past hurts (childhood wounds, trauma)

  • Regulating your nervous system

  • Feeling alone/isolated

  • Feeling disconnected from your pleasure and/or sexual energy

  • Not having strong sisterhood relationships and community

  • A fear of showing up as your true self and sharing your unique message and medicine gifts

My work is for you if you desire to:

  • Feel liberated in your self-expression and let your authentic self out to play!

  • Improve your relationships & skills for intimacy

  • Build your wellspring of self-love & cultivate unshakeable faith in your own magic

  • Build a deep connection to your body, your inner wisdom, and your desires

  • Increase your energy levels, vitality, and focus

  • Live your life as a daily devotion to your soul’s calling

  • Step more fully into your leadership and create cultural impact through your TRUTH speaking and business artistry

  • Have the confidence and tools to alchemize your emotions, shift your energy, and lead from embodied mastery WITHOUT spiritually bypassing

  • Express your sacred needs, boundaries, and desires with clarity and confidence

  • Cultivate the ferocity to forge your own path

  • Clear energy blocks and fears around power, responsibility, and impact

  • Create in harmony with feminine rhythms of decay-death-rebirth-growth


This work is multi-dimensional and far-reaching.

The work we do together creates ripples

that supports you with your body,

your mind,

your spirit,

your love life,

your friendships,

your bank account,

your business,

your mission,

your artistry,

and your legacy.



My name is Juniper. I am entreprenuer, artist, bodyworker, energy healer, and somatic womb therapist.


It’s been a wild ride to get where I am now.


My personal journey has taken me from locked up and voiceless to liberated and expressed // from in my head to in my body // from toxic masculine hustle to relaxed and receptive feminine embodiment // from no boundaries to fierce as fuck // from self-deprecating to self-loving // from self-abandonment to deep soul nourishment // from traumatized to peaceful and productive.


My fierce feminine medicine is a combination of grounded loving presence :: fire and swords to cut through the BS :: playfulness / wonder / joy / innocence :: with devotion / service and connection to Mother Earth.


In my presence, people feel safe, activated, and inspired toward their own authentic expression. They feel more comfortable leaning into vulnerability and bravery.


I am masterful at tracking patterns, seeing projections, and helping you explore your triggers with loving compassion. If we choose to work together, I will call you out on your BS. I will reflect back to you what you can’t yet see. I will speak to you the truths that others are too afraid to share. I will activate and provoke you. I will channel messages for your highest growth. I will be there to guide you through your most challenging moments of initiation.


Over three years, I apprenticed with a master womb healer in somatic womb therapy, hands-on womb work, trauma-informed space holding, and clearing generational/ancestral trauma. I have a B.A. in International Studies and am keenly aware of the magnitude of global issues present today.

I began my journey into the healing arts with yoga and meditation 15 years ago. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of students and spent thousands of hours supporting clients toward their embodied rememberance of who they truly are.

It would truly be an honor to walk beside you.

Thank you for all that you’re here to offer in service to the RESTORATION of LOVE.


Infinite Love,


My Methodology



This is volcano medicine. Through destruction, comes new space. We journey together through your triggers, shadows, beliefs, and patterns to uproot “viruses” in the terrain. Anything that is rooted in old paradigm thinking cannot come with you to your next level.



Deepen your ability to cultivate your chi (energy) and source your power through your connection to your womb/hara.



Create a lifestyle that nurtures and nourishes you! We continue to anchor in the skills of listening, attunement, resonance, embodiment, and trust. I support you in birthing new routines, ceremonies, and rituals to move through life embodied in your power and radiant in your love.

My Multidimensional Skillset


Grounding: Calling You Home to Your Body
Energy Clearing & Balancing
Calling Upon Your Helping Spirits
Meditation & Journey Work
Shamanic Healing : Ancestral Healing
Wise Womb Healing + Embodiment Practices
Breathwork + Movement Practices
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Soul Retrieval : Past Life Regression
Spiritual Guidance : Spiritual Prescriptions
Tao Tantric Practices for Sexual Activation
Sacred Feminine Temple Arts
Evolutionary Astrology
The Art of Prayer
Unravelling Trauma




Everything Listed in the Remote Sessions +

Hands On Healing
Sound Alchemy
Plant Brushings
Shamanic Ceremonial Bodywork
Wise Womb Massage: Breast, Belly, Ovaries
Thai Massage + Acupressure
Subtle Energy + Meridian Activation
Abdominal Massage
Sound Healing

Juniper Pine beach (44 of 97).jpg

“Juniper is a master at blending work and play, masculine structure and the feminine flow. The amount of personal growth that transpired while being immersed in nature, beauty, and luxurious experiences is incredible. The magic and synchronicities that surround her energy are palpable. I'm forever grateful for everything I experienced.” – Marina

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