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Alchemical Containers for Transformation
Deep Healing with Integration Support
Deep Emotional Clearing & Unravelling Trauma
Creating a Road Map to Your Truest Essence
Alchemy Thru the Creative Arts
Sacred Embodiment Practices
Honoring Your Natural Rhythms
Heart-Centered Leadership

Grounding: Calling You Home to Your Body
Energy Clearing & Balancing
Calling Upon Your Helping Spirits
Meditation & Journey Work
Shamanic Healing : Ancestral Healing
Wise Womb Healing + Embodiment Practices
Breathwork + Movement Practices
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Soul Retrieval : Past Life Regression
Spiritual Guidance : Spiritual Prescriptions
Tao Tantric Practices for Sexual Activation
Sacred Feminine Temple Arts
Evolutionary Astrology
The Art of Prayer
Unravelling Trauma


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Everything Listed in the Remote Sessions +

Hands On Healing
Sound Alchemy
Plant Brushings (Limpias)
Shamanic Ceremonial Bodywork
Wise Womb Massage: Breast, Belly, Ovaries
Thai Massage + Acupressure
Subtle Energy + Meridian Activation
Abdominal Massage
Sound Healing


Sessions at the Tiny Temple on the Mountain incorporate the fresh mountain air,

helping nature spirits, and when cold--fire, the form of a wood-burning stove.


Wise Womb Medicine is a somatic oriented holistic healing system and approach to all aspects of being embodied. Weaving together proven methods, practices, and modalities to support true, deep transformation healing. Wise Womb Massage is the hands on applied breast, belly, womb, and ovarian massage woven with ceremonial bodywork.

 In the third session, if desired, I teach you the self-care protocol so you can be empowered to continue the work.

I have created a detailed page with indications, benefits, and more information here.

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