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I’d like to invite you on a journey…

A journey of connection...

Connection with yourself and all of life.

An opportunity to stand more fully in your power, in your authenticity, in your creative life force.

A chance to clear ancestral karma and cultural conditioning around money, around sex, and around power.

A journey through the chakras to clear old programming and root into the truth of who you are.



Past Students Have Experienced Transformational Shifts in Feeling Rooted in Who They Are, Self-Love, and Empowerment

“I really feel like I've turned over a new leaf. It's been incredibly transformational and the integration is ongoing... it's beautiful. The way I'm feeling now is so much more sturdy and so much more in my power and so much more certain about the love I have for myself.” - Taylor

Alchemical Awakening :: A Journey Through the Chakras

Root Into Who You Are + Awaken the Healer Within

Wisdom Teachings. Potent Transmissions. Guided Healing Journeys.

For Your Own Healing + To Deepen Your Ability to Hold Space for Others


Deep Soul Medicine

This offering is for people who want to learn more about energetic self-mastery, shifting their frequency, connecting to spirit, and trusting their intuition. This is for people who want to live in right relationship with themselves, others, and the Earth. This is for healers and coaches who want to show up for their clients with more depth holding the vibration of loving presence.

This offering if not for people just seeking another certification—these are deep transmissions of embodied wisdom that is passed through the experiential process. This is not for people afraid to do inner work and look at their shadows.

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🌈 A Journey Through the Chakras To Feel Vital, Aligned, and Empowered
🌈 Eleven Potent Transmissions
🌈 Supportive Wisdom Teachings & Embodiment Practices



✨ Basics of Energy Medicine & Frequency

✨ ROOT :: Ancestral Healing :: Earth Connection

✨ SACRAL :: Shakti :: Healing the Collective Wound of Sexual Trauma

✨ SOLAR PLEXUS :: Empowerment Ritual for Inviting Success

✨ HEART :: Cultivating Deep Self-Love :: Expanding Your Heart's Capacity for Love

✨ THROAT :: Vocal Alchemy :: Authentic Expression

✨ THIRD EYE :: Clarity of Vision :: Tapping Into Your Intuition :: Dreamtime Practices

✨ CROWN :: Synchronicity & Flow :: Trust & Surrender :: The Feminine Art of Receiving

✨ Money Magic

✨ Integration Journey

Ritual & Ceremony. Wisdom Teachings. Community. Supportive Practices.

You will have continued access to this program as it evolves.

Reflection from a Past Student on Increased Vitality:

“I am feeling euphoric, positive, full of life and energy. I feel like everything is more clear. The leaves on the trees, the clouds in the sky, the birds singing. I am so thankful for your help in clearing my notions and doubts. You have helped me more then you can ever know. The guilt that I felt about taking this journey is diminishing and I feel alive. I have never felt so open before."

What Past Students Are Saying:


"I'm feeling fantastic today, full of life and sparkle. I'm noticing how much others smile and reflect back the energy that I put out."

"Since our session, I have been HIGHLY artistically/creatively inclined! Something else I have noticed is that I am finding it MUCH easier to meditate now. Like easier than it ever has been."

"I am feeling more relaxed, able to focus better and actually work on what’s right in front of me rather than spiraling over what’s behind me, what’s off in the distance, etc. I am so grateful."

"Since our time together, I feel much more rooted to the earth and myself. I've read and heard some startling news but could witness it more then get swept away by it and then come back to myself. Also I have felt inspired to work on some projects that I had putting off for quite some time. I have been sleeping really deeply each night and waking up refreshed, I think my body needed the rest from being on high alert with all the anxiety. And I feel like my heart is lighter so I can be more myself and playful/joyful than so heavy and serious- which I noticed right away in my relationship with my partner. Plus I felt more able to hold space for him and the struggles he's facing."


Is this for healers/coaches or lay people?
It's for both! There is an added option for practitioners to take the course teachings deeper—recommended reading and practices. 


What are the benefits of going on this journey? What will I learn? What will I embody?
- Energetic Self-Mastery & Understanding How Frequency Affects Everything
- Deeper Connection to Spirit & Your Intuition
- Right Relationship with Power, the Earth, Others, Yourself
- Receive Deep Healing & thru the receiving of the transmissions be able to hold deeper space for others
- Show up for others with more depth holding the vibration of loving presence
- More in depth understanding of the seven primary chakras

- More self-love, confidence, self-esteem, trust, and openness to receive

- Clarity, joy, ease, and pleasure


I'm not sure that I have the funds to invest in this right now. Can you work with me?
Yes—there is a payment plan option. When your energy is in order and your field is clear, the rest of your life can flow more easily. We are going to dive into money magic and I am confident that you will make your investment back.

How much time will this take each week?

Classes are 1.5 hours. The journey is designed to where simply watching each transmission will bring about profound change. For those looking to go deeper, there will be optional readings, journalling prompts, and practices to ground in the teachings.

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