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Juniper is is an earth-centered healer, who helps you step into sovereignty, radiant joy, and full expression through embodiment practices, ritual, and ceremony. She is a Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and Reiki Master Teacher. Juniper offers one-on-one ceremonial healing sessions, remotely and in-person, weaving sacred touch, breathwork, energy healing, and sound as well as group classes, retreats, and virtual programs to help you return to the truth of your inner knowing. She has a passion for uplifting and empowering those on the path of awakening and heart-felt service.


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Reiki Master Teacher, R.N., Herbalist

Alexis is a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner, Registered Nurse, and vital herbalist. Her soul's radiance shines forth when she lives her purpose as a conduit for Reiki and through collaborating with clients and students to Reconnect, Realign, and Reignite their innate healers. Access Consciousness Bars is a nourishing compliment to Reiki. Thirty-two points on the head are gently touched, releasing anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life and resetting obstructive thought patterns, beliefs, and emotions. Alexis weaves in crystals, essential oils, sound healing, and herbal and holistic nursing consults for a revitalizing, sacred experience.


Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher

My first experience with Reiki was about 7 yrs ago during a challenging time in my life.   During this turbulent period, I went to a spiritual healer for reiki sessions and since then I've come to realize there is much more to this world than I had previously believed.    I started to attend different spiritual retreats and participated in multiple transformational breath workshops.   In one particular instant, I had a vision of a ball of electricity gravitating in my palms of my hands and halo of light on crown of my head.   I realized then I needed to learn Reiki and found Juniper while searching for my future teacher.  I opted for a private lesson and was blown away by the experience!  Later on I decided I wanted to  learn more and expand my spiritual growth by becoming a Yoga teacher.   I started to provide Reiki sessions to my fellow classmates and friends, which really solidified my beliefs on why I'm doing all of this.  As I continue to expand and grow,  I look forward to helping others in their journey.     


Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator

Taylor is a Colorado native with passion for helping animals and people alike. She trained to become an animal communicator in 2017 which ignited her quest to fully embrace the healing arts.  She is now a Reiki Master, having received her level I/II and ART/Master certifications from Juniper at Juniper Moon Healing Arts.  Taylor is committed to supporting others' dreams of becoming the best versions of themselves. Her mantra is "Always be authentically you."