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Aloha Beauty,

Welcome to Juniper Moon Healing Arts.


In collaboration with you and abundantly kind cosmic healing energies, we journey through blockages to open you up to the presence you always knew possible. As you step more fully into your light, your unique radiance, it becomes easier for others to do the same.

It is a great joy and honor to share with you what I've been fortunate to learn from many great teachers around the world. We weave together Eastern and Western traditions and share what we've learned on our own journeys from the mind to the heart and from the mind to the womb.

We've served 349 in person students through our Reiki Trainings with Sacred Vedic Teachings in our temple space outside Boulder, CO and throughout the Denver area. We'd love to welcome you to the family!

Love and Magic,

Juniper & The Amazing Healing Team

"The energy was powerful and I felt so comfortable and inspired. The two days were such a gift and I learned so very much. I feel so Grateful and Blessed to have had chosen Juniper Moon Healing Arts for my classes and I highly recommend those who are looking for this magical practice to be intergrated into their lives to go here."

"The class size was small and allowed for real connection, and none of that 'large class size intimidation.' The energy in this place is beautiful and flowing. I’m so happy I chose to learn Reiki here."

"The longest road you'll ever walk is from your mind to your heart."

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Distance healing sessions

Why We Love Doing Sessions Remotely

We all know the power of touch and in person connection and so we often get questions why we offer healing sessions remotely. Remote sessions allow for you to receive and integrate immense healing energies within the safe, cozy comfort of your own home. We are able to drop in more deeply when there is no thought of getting back home. You already are home. You already are safe and can simply tend to yourself as needed. 

We get to call in the support of the helping spirits of the land upon which you actually live. Sometimes people's animals join them for remote sessions.

I've personally received sessions from across the world and am always flabbergasted how potently I can feel the energies. True healing transcends time and space.

Reiki Healing Sessions :: Nourish Your Mind-Body-Spirit

Temple Magick :: Advanced Energy Clearing Sessions

Womb Support :: Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

Business Support :: Empowerment & Guidance for Healers

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“Juniper is a master at blending work and play, masculine structure and the feminine flow. The amount of personal growth that transpired while being immersed in nature, beauty, and luxurious experiences is incredible. The magic and synchronicities that surround her energy are palpable. I'm forever grateful for everything I experienced.” – Marina

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